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MicroSafe Care Australia

MicroSafe Care Australia

For almost 20 years, the MicroSafe Group have worked at the forefront of biomedical science to reimagine the way the world addresses infection and the spread of pathogens. Through their passion for bioscience and healing, they have created a one-of-a-kind technology that has forever changed the way we deal with infection control. MicroSafe Care Australia have certified under GECA’s Cleaning Products (CPv2.2ii-2012) standard.

What sets you apart from other cleaning product manufacturers?  

We are infection control specialists. Our GECA certified Nanocyn Disinfectant and Sanitiser product is entered into the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s (TGA) Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods) as a registered, Hospital Grade Disinfectant, which is approved to kill SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) as well as Norovirus (GASTRO) in 15 seconds. The eradication of toxic chemicals from our everyday lives is the main goal for us at Microsafe. We are all, unfortunately, still surrounded by many harmful substances which is simply unnecessary. We on a mission to improve lives and outcomes in infection control which is, of course, especially important now that we are going through the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Nanocyn Disinfectant and Sanitiser

Why did you choose to get GECA certification? 

Our products are registered and approved globally by the most stringent and respected government regulatory bodies such as the Australian TGA, U.S. Food and Drug Administration and European CE. These regulatory bodies are ensuring that the products do what we say they do in terms of killing viruses and bacteria, evaluating the lab data and contact time as well as other technical aspects. What they are not considering is the eco-friendliness, sustainability of the business and all the other vital points that GECA is looking into in great detail. We wanted to give our customers assurance that we are not only one of the most effective products in infection control globally, but also an eco-certified and sustainable product. 

How important is certification to you? 

When it came to selecting an eco-certification, we immediately decided to go with GECA. International recognition and one of the most stringent certification processes assured us that GECA is indeed the best choice for us. We are very proud of achieving this certification; it sits right on top with many other international approvals that we already hold. We believe that third-party certification is critical for consumers to make an informed decision when selecting a product to disinfect appropriately, especially now where the market is flooded with many new products.  

What’s changed for you as a result of going through the GECA certification process? 

It definitely put sustainability on top of the agenda again. As a result of the certification process, we are looking to streamline global processes not just from a manufacturing side but also to re-think logistical challenges and opportunities.  

What do you think are the biggest sustainability challenges for your industry right now? 

The infection control industry has experienced dramatic growth since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. With this growth also comes the responsibility to educate and to achieve the best possible outcome for everyone moving forward. For almost 20 years, we have been communicating the importance of infection control, not just in hospitals and professional health environments but also in our every day lives. Infection control matters in your home, at the local gym, in child care, offices, aged care and many other places. 

While COVID-19 is undoubtedly on everyone’s mind right now, all other infection control challenges that we have been dealing with have not disappeared. We have to ensure that people are using and demanding products that are first and foremost approved by the government regulator, and that are causing no harm to people, animals, materials and the environment. 

Fighting fire with fire is never a good idea, and we believe that using toxic chemicals is not the answer in the short or long-term. We have this once in a lifetime opportunity to educate the whole country on the best ways to deal with infection control challenges, to clean and disinfect properly, with the right technologies and techniques for the best outcome for everyone.  

Nanocyn by MicroSafe

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