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Spectrum Floors

Spectrum Floors

What sets you apart from other flooring manufacturers?

Our product range is a considerate selection of quality products based on premium European supplies that we have established over 45 years. At Spectrum Floors, we recognised the growing trend of sourcing and specifying environmentally friendly flooring early and the importance of indoor air quality within the built environment.

We supply flooring that delivers better acoustics, thermal insulation, durability and longevity for buildings – we are proud of the quality products we supply and the benefits they bring to each project and building.

Outstanding customer service is the heart and soul of our family business – each generation in the business grows up in a culture of striving for best in class customer service.

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Why did you choose to get GECA certification?

We view GECA certification as the highest level of Australian certification. GECA’s high standards match the product and service standards at Spectrum Floors.

GECA also maintains international connections to certifications around the world which ties in with our manufacturers. The GECA team provide excellent support to their licensees!

How important is certification to you?

It is very important because we are supplying flooring for an ever-growing amount of environmentally conscious projects. With GECA certification, we can easily prove that our products can meet the project requirements and environmental standards.

What’s changed for you as a result of either going through the certification process or since achieving GECA certification?

Our certification has helped to promote the environmental benefits of our certified products. It has become a ‘mindset’ at Spectrum Floors to source and supply the best and most environmentally friendly products.

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New Initiative to Tackle the Growing Problem of Commercial Furniture Waste

On 15 March 2021, in collaboration with Edge Environment and the Global Product Stewardship Council, GECA was awarded a grant by the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment to tackle the issue of commercial office furniture going to landfill. The group will use the funding to design a product stewardship scheme that will help reduce the estimated 30,000 tonnes of furniture – much of it in perfectly good condition – that ends up in Australia’s waste stream each year.

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