Previously  certified

The following products are no longer certified by GECA. If the manufacturer is listed as not a current licensee, the products that were previously certified are all listed on the certificate, this dates back from 2015. Products no longer certified from our current licensees are listed from January 2018.

Most of the time, products are no longer certified because the product is no longer produced or the manufacturer has chosen to not go through a re-audit. To uphold our ecolabel, products need to go through a re-audit (including an onsite audit) every three years.


Current Licensee Manufacturer Product Name Expired Certificate Date
No Luxxbox Listed on Certificate LUX-2019 18 May 2023
No Siam Fibreglass Listed on Certificate SAI-2018 30 March 2023
No RePaper Listed on Certificate REP-2018 17 October 2022
No Hufcor Listed on Certificate HUF-2019 13 October 2022
No eWater Systems Listed on Certificate EWT-2019a
29 September 2022
No Moroso Listed on Certificate MOR-2015 14 January  2022
No Hub Furniture Listed on Certificate LOW-2019 | MOR-2015 14 March 2022
No Lowe Furniture Listed on Certificate LOW-2019 14 March 2022
No Cubespace Listed on Certificate CSP – 2019 14 January  2022
No Bosco Storage Solutions Listed on Certificate BOS-2018 | BOS-2019 18 January  2022
No Joyce Foam Products Listed on Certificate JOY-2020 15 December 2021
No Cubic Access Floors Listed on Certificate CUB-2019 03 December 2021
No Abax Kingfisher Listed on Certificate ABX-2016 29 September 2019
No Zippy Cleaning & Maintenance Services Listed on Certificate ZCS-2018 05 December 2021
No Melocco Listed on Certificate MEL-2018 30 April 2021
No TECOPLUS Listed on Certificate TEC-2019 18 March 2021
No Kebony (Mafi) Listed on Certificate KEB-2016 12 March 2021
No Hetin Foam Listed on Certificate HET-2017 3 March 2021
No Gregory Commercial Furniture Listed on Certificate GCF-2017 1 March 2021
No iTreat Listed on Certificate ITR-2019 1 November 2020
No Camatic Listed on Certificate CAM-2017 11 September 2020
No Inline Contract Furniture Listed on Certificate INL-2018 4 August 2020
No DLH Solutions Listed on Certificate DLH-2017 15 July 2020
No Brownbuilt Listed on Certificate BRB-2018 4 May 2020
No Greenspeed Australia Listed on Certificate GSP-2019 31 March 2020
No Envirofluid Listed on Certificate EFS-2017 28 February 2020
No Baseline Commercial Furniture Listed on Certificate BCF-2016 21 December 2019
No Bevisco Commercial Interiors Listed on Certificate BEV-2017 16 December 2019
No Atkar Architectural Listed on Certificate ATK-2016 12 September 2019
No Hume Cemboard Listed on Certificate HUME-2016 9 September 2019
No Eastern Commercial Furniture Listed on Certificate ECF-2016 27 August 2019
No Cloudwalk Listed on Certificate CLT-2016 28 July 2019
No Innova International – RIM Fabrics Listed on Certificate INN-2016 19 July 2019
No Havwoods Listed on Certificate HAV-2016 25 May 2019
No Space Furniture Listed on Certificate SPF-2016 11 May 2019
No Madinoz Listed on Certificate MAD-2016 11 March 2019
No Lybase Listed on Certificate LYB-2016 26 February 2019
No Embelton Flooring Listed on Certificate EMB-2016 16 February 2019
No Access Office Industries Listed on Certificate AOI-2018 1 November 2018
No GOE Australia Listed on Certificate GOE-2015 3 September 2018
No Italplast Listed on Certificate ITA-2008 9 July 2018
No Perth Foam Listed on Certificate PER-2014 13 April 2018
No Jardan Listed on expired Certificate JAR-2015a
01 February 2018
No Elyptol Listed on expired Certificate ELY-2014 15 January 2018
No Knightgroup Listed on expired Certificate KNI-2017 11 January 2018
No A+ Plastics Listed on expired Certificate APP-2014 15 December 2017
No OfficeMax Australia Listed on expired Certificate OFM-2014a
23 Nov 2017
No Sebel Furniture Listed on expired Certificate SFL-2016 21 November 2017
No Head Office Group Listed on expired Certificate HEA-2014 04 August 2017
No Formula Interiors Listed on expired Certificate FOR-2014 15 July 2017
No James Hardie Listed on expired Certificate JHA-2014 03 July 2017
No Staples Listed on expired Certificate STA-2015 28 Feb 2017
No Arteil Listed on expired Certificate ART-2014 12 Dec 2016
No Interia Systems Listed on expired Certificate INS-2016 28 Oct 2016
No Kcrown Listed on expired Certificate KCR-2011 19 August 2016
No Hychill Listed on expired Certificate HYC-2011 15 June 2016
No Specfurn Commercial Furniture Listed on expired Certificate SFC-2013 02 June 2016
No SMAC Imports Listed on expired Certificate SMC-2014 12 May 2016
No Studform Listed on expired Certificate STU-2011 10 May 2016
No Interstudio Listed on expired Certificate INT-2011 10 May 2016
No Sika Australia Listed on expired Certificate SIK-2011 01 Dec 2015
No Resene Paints Listed on expired Certificate RES-2012 24 November 2015
No Korban Flaubert Listed on expired Certificate KFL-2012 13 November 2015
No AFS Product Group Listed on expired Certificate APG-2011 01 November 2015
No Woven Image Listed on expired Certificate WOV-2011 09 October 2015
No Ardex Listed on expired Certificate ARD-2008 01 November 2015
No Just Mats Listed on expired Certificate JUS-2014 29 July 2015
No Termicide Listed on expired Certificate TER-2005 19 May 2015
No Croxley Stationery Listed on expired Certificate OMX-2012 19 May 2015


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