GECA certified products help create a safe and healthy environment for children as they learn

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Teach your children in a building that’s good for their health, and the planet

We all want our children to have a great start in life.

When we use sustainable and environmentally friendly resources in their learning spaces, we help build their respect for the environment. They’re also able to learn and grow in cleaner air and with low-health impact surroundings.

All GECA certified products are assessed for their impact on the environment, but we also look at any impact that products have on human health. We’ve already certified over 3,500 products you can use in your classrooms that are constructed to be healthier for your children.

Keep your ‘play and learn’ spaces free of toxic chemicals and carcinogenic substances

Many manufacturers choose cost savings over safety, using chemicals that aren’t good for people to breathe or touch. Even the paint on your walls may be harming them, releasing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) for years after the paint has dried.

We help manufacturers find ways to reduce the impact on health that their products can have – where you see the GECA ecolabel you can trust that the product will be a better choice for everyone (especially your little ones) and for the environment.

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There’s educational benefits too

By teaching children that green spaces are good to live in, and to be aware of their choices early on, they’ll already know the benefits of healthy, environmentally responsible products when they come to make their own decisions about how they live and work.

The standards we provide help your children to learn about how the spaces we live and work in can affect the environment. Studies have shown that students at green aware schools are more environmentally aware than those at conventional schools.

Learn more about the benefits of environmental certification for your products by reading our case studies

GECA has helped countless Australian businesses obtain certification

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What our clients say about us

Being an environmentally aware business, we needed a way to ensure, adhere and implement sustainably preferable strategies into our business plan. The team at GECA is co-operative and their guidance ensured that we not only complied with green standards, but exceeded them. The process is credible and well-received in the market place and ensures that we are set apart from the not-so-genuine ‘greenwashing’ companies.

Donna McMullen, Director 

The entire everroll range of rubber flooring is certified under the Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) Floor Covering Standard. It achieves a Level A 100 per cent item score in the GBCA Fitout Calculators Guide v1 for Flooring. We chose to become GECA certified because we feel that it is important to communicate to consumers that we take environmental responsibility seriously and GECA helps us do this. As well as its sustainable properties, everroll offers architects and designers other benefits including durability, sound absorption, slip resistance, modular designs, aesthetic appeal and comfort.


Clients say it’s GECA or nothing. If you don’t have GECA certification it’s a negative. GECA certification is a priority for Haworth.

John Stamoulos

Fitting out such a large project with sustainably preferable furniture is rewarding. That a well-renowned and international company would choose to use GECA certified Office Link Group furniture is exciting and without doubt, a step in the right direction for improving sustainability in the workplace. The whole work zone looks great — the architect has done a wonderful job of creating the space. With the addition of the sustainably preferable products that are proven to improve the health and wellbeing of those in the workspace, it is now a really nice place to work.

Vern Currie

Using GECA Certified products for education projects helps keep your learners safe and healthy.

Get your products noticed by people designing or building educational facilities by obtaining GECA certification, or browse our range of already certified products to make better choices for your next project.

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