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ROCKCOTE EcoStyle Stars in College’s Biggest Ever Construction Project

The health of students and staff was a key consideration in selecting EcoStyle Paints for the biggest ever building project at Lourdes Hill College in Brisbane.

The project, completed in September 2014, features the Bernadette Centre, a five-story learning hub with 470-seat auditorium, as well as a new chapel and new sports centre.

EcoStyle Paints were used for all interior painted walls, selected for their non-toxic, low odour and very low VOC features.

The new facilities opened on 12th September to great fanfare, celebrating the biggest construction project in the school’s 98-year history.

The building also comprises seven science labs, eight classrooms, three dedicated drama and three dedicated music rooms as well as a roof-top play area with stunning views of Brisbane city. There are general learning classrooms specifically for students in Years 7 to 8, extensive facilities for music tuition, and administration facilities.

The school worked closely with Bertoldi Architects to ensure a focus on sustainability including massive water tanks in the basement, natural gas for heating, LED lighting throughout, eco-glazed windows, blinds and lighting controlled by an electronic building management system to optimise energy savings, and plans for solar panels down the track.

ROCKCOTE EcoStyle Paint has been used for all interior painted walls, quietly contributing to the beauty of the new facilities as well as the healthiness of the environments within.

Jafrul Khandker from Bertoldi Architects said that non-toxic paints and finishes were an important consideration in a school environment.

There is a perception that new buildings will always be accompanied by a new building smell, which is often due to toxins in the paint. We don’t like that smell. With the EcoStyle Paint, the building can be occupied immediately after the paint is dry and there is no smell and no lingering fumes,” he said.


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ROCKCOTE EcoStyle paints at Lourdes Hill College

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