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Clean Plus Chemicals

Clean Plus Chemicals

GECA spoke with Dhaval Thakkar from Clean Plus Chemicals about what certification means to them.

What sets you apart from other cleaning companies and products?

We are an Australian family-owned and operated manufacturing company with ISO certification and deal only with distributors (no end-user supply business). Our team holds a lot of technical knowledge and we work on building partnerships. We customise almost everything for our customers, from formulations, labels, and colour coded charts to safety data sheets (SDS) and more.

Why did you choose to get GECA certification?

After comparing a few other certifying organisations, we found GECA to be more professional with their standards and specifications, with timely audits and a high level of technical understanding.

How important is certification to you?

We have carried green and biodegradable products for many years, but after getting GECA certification, we immediately saw a huge spike in sales for those certified products that were of interest to corporate and government buyers. We found certification helped to build an extra level of trust, both in the product itself and in our own capabilities. We are looking forward to expanding our GECA certified range soon.

What’s changed for you as a result of either going through the certification process, or since achieving GECA certification?

We have adopted a more sustainability-focused approach and have seen an increase in sales.

What do you think are the biggest sustainability challenges for the cleaning industry right now?

While suppliers do have a lot of biodegradable and sustainable raw materials, they come at a premium price.

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