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Quantum Library Supplies

Quantum Library Supplies

40 Years of Quality Green Manufacturing in Australia

It’s not often we see a successful business that has been operational for 40 years! It’s even rarer to find one with the founder still running the business with his two sons also handling key production management roles. Quantum Library Supplies has been designing innovative libraries, manufacturing library furniture, shelving and book handling automation for libraries Australia wide since 1979.

Founder and Managing Director, Doug Stewart, has been at the helm the entire time and has maintained the business’s focus on delivering high-quality products that stand the test of time.

Why did you choose to get GECA certification?

Doug explained that GECA certification was a good fit with Quantum Library Supplies’ high-quality focus and provided their school and Local Government customers with the additional benefit of green credentials and environmental sustainability.

“We work up to a standard and not down to a price”, Doug stated, “and GECA accreditation is one of the criteria adopted by us as a manufacturer.”

Quantum Library Supplies

How important is third-party certification to you?

GECA certification sets Quantum Library Supplies apart from competitors in the library business because as manufacturers, rather than importers, of most of our products we can control the component parts of our product range and the materials used. Importers are stuck with the imported items which often come with limited compliance with any sustainability and material credentials.

According to Doug, sustainability is a challenge for the school and public sectors due to the temptation of cheap poor-quality imports set against realistic prices for quality items supplied by Quantum Library Supplies. These certified items not only stand the test of time with over 20 years of active life, but they also provide employment for 22 skilled employees in Australia. Plus they come with a support structure that has honoured warranties and service contracts for the last 40 years.

Quantum Library Supplies have also led the way in library design by embracing the evolution of library use from book repositories to adaptable community spaces and adopted designs reflecting the environments around them.

Quantum Library Supplies

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