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Quantum Libraries achieves GECA certification for nearly 600 products

“We’re thrilled to have Quantum Libraries on board with GECA, and to see such a strong commitment to creating truly sustainable products,” said GECA’s CEO, Kate Harris. “Even the smallest, simplest components of their systems have been designed with sustainability in mind, and it’s fantastic to see that level of dedication.”

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Update: The existing certificate has now expired and they are currently under going re-certification.

Quantum Libraries supplies the complete fit-out, supply and shelving of libraries, storage rooms and archive areas of schools, universities, local councils, hospitals, museums, art galleries and corporate organisations.

For over three decades, our organisation has been 100% committed to turning Australian libraries, storage facilities and offices into organised, modern, cultural and highly functional spaces.

While Quantum started out focusing solely on libraries, we have spent the past decade expanding our specialisation to include general office supplies, shelving and storage solutions. In keeping the name Quantum Libraries, we pay tribute to our rich history and roots, however, libraries are just one of our many specialties. We also fit-out museums, schools, hospitals, offices, archive areas and so much more. Think medical supply rooms, think council archives, think office areas – think Quantum.

Certified Products by Quantum Libraries

Product Images Name Green Star
relevance Green Star is Australia's trusted mark of quality for the design, construction and operation of sustainable buildings, fitouts and communities. Choosing Green Star can help you save money, create a healthy place for people, minimise your environmental footprint and build a better future for us all.
1/4 Circle Table – CS3216*
1/4 Circle Table – CS3223*
2 Flat Shelf Divider Trolley – TR2016
2 Shelf Trolley (Various – See More)
2 Sided Pyramid Book Display (Various – See more)
20 CAP Big Book W/Mount – FS2102
3 Tier Poly Bag Frame – FS2200
3 Tier Round Display Stand – FC1156
4 Sided Pyramid Book Display (Various – See More)
6 Wheel Metal Book Trolley – TR2080
900mm D/S Mel End Panel – EPDSM900
Add On Under Stage Trolley – TR2302
Animal Box (Various – See Below)
Armidale Sloping Trolley (Various – See More)
Armidale Trolley (Various – See More)
Arrow Table – CS3218*
Arrow Table – CS3219*
Atlas/Dictionary Stand – FC1030
AV Shelf 900x120x40mm Mk2 – 520942
B/Bin Uptilt Bracket (Various – See More)
Back Board – FCBB
Back Brace (Various – See More)
Back Panel – EPBP
Bag Rack 3 Tier – Tapered – FS2315*
Bag Rack Mel Shelves – CAB2301S
Bag Racks (Various – See More)
Base Uptilt Bracket (Various – See More)
Base Uptilt Shelf (Various – See More)
Big Book Frame (Various – See More)
Big Book Storage Display (Various – See More)
Big Book Unit 1.8H – FC1151
Big Book Unit 1575H (Various – See More)
Big Book Unit 1575MM – FC1155
Book Display Unit – FC1168
Book End 250x150x150mm O/White – BES1040
Book End Shelf Marker – BE1045
Book Ends – Hydestor (Various – See More)
Book Ends Size B (Various – See More)
Book Ends Size C (Various – See More)
Book Ends Size D O/White – BE1041
Book Trolley S/S + Plat – TR2061
Book Trolley Sterling Flat – TR3010*
Bookcase Wall Chanel (Various – See More)
Bookworm Set – FC1196*
Bracket O/S (Various – See More)
Brisbane Trolley (Various – See More)
Browser Bin (Various – See More)
Browser Bin Divider (Various – See More)
Browser Bin Rods 300mm – 587220
Browser Box – FC1182
Canopy 250mm x 900mm – 520262
Canopy D/F 900 x 250mm – 520582
Canopy No Flap 300 x 900mm – 520332
Canopy Shelf (Various – See More)
Canopy Shelf D/S 900mm x 600mm – 520592
Cassette Shelf 900 x 75mm – 520822
Cataloguer’s Trolley (Various – See More)
Caterpillar 2 Section (Various – See More)
Caterpillar 4 Section (Various – See More)
Caterpillar Display (Various – See More)
Caterpillar Face – Routing – FC1175/1
Caterpillar Face & Antler Set – FC1175*
Caterpillar Table (Various – See More)
CD AV Shelf 900mm x150mm – 520682
CD/DVD & Book Display (Various – See More)
CD/DVD Shelf 900mm – FS0015
CD/Video Shelf 900 x 125mm – 520842
Children’s Activity Table – CS3010*
Chunky Display Storage Box – CS1080*
Clearview Divider 245mm – 587030
Clover 4 Station Computer Unit – FC1324
Clover Table – CS3215*
Coffee Table (Various – See More)
Computer Pods (Various – See More)
Computer Table – FC1003*
Corner Filler Shelf 1475H – FC0037
Counter with Shelves – FC1004
Courier Tub Trolley – TR2009
Cupboard Kiosk – DC1326
Curved Shelving Unit – FC9003
Curved Table – CS1169*
Custom Built Shelf Unit – FC1340
D/S Q Wall End Panel (Various – See More)
D/S Toowong Style End Panel (Various – See More)
Display Crescents Melamine – CS3105*
Display Cube Melamine – CS3101*
Display Shelf 600x300mm – 521962
Display Trapezium Melamine – CS3103*
Divider for Face Out Shelf (Various – See More)
Divider for Redcliffe Tub – 584192DIV
Divider Mk11 NT Tub – 584262D
Divider Plates – 584832
Divider Standard NT Tub – 584242D
Doors Super Locker – FS2353
Double Canopy Bracket – 541QLSCPD
Dump Trolley (Various – See More)
DVD Presentation Shelf 900mmx130mm – 520922
DVD Storage Unit – FC0041
E/Panel Q Wall – EPSW
Easy Box with Shelf (Various – See More)
Easy Reading Box (Various – See More)
Easy Reading Box Slab End – FC1162
Easy Reading Box Special – FC1170
Easy Reading Cupboard – FC1161
Easy Reading Stand (Various – See More)
Economy Activity Table – FC1070
End Panel – EP
End Panel Addition to Existing – EPADDITION
End Panel D/F 1875x300mm – 533712
End Panel Shelf for Toowong Panel – EPSHELF*
End Panel Wedge – EPWQW1
End Panels Special and Custom (Various – See More)
End Plates 300x225mm – 542202
Extension Sleeve to FB4207 – FB4207EXT
F/Out Display Shelf 50mm LIP – 520912
Fabric End Panel (Various – See More)
Fabric End Panels Alternate (Various – See More)
Face Out Display Shelf – 521912
Feeder Trolley Under Stage – TR2303
Filler Strips and Pillars (Various – See More)
Flange Nut 6mm – 590236
Flat Metal Book Trolley (Various – See More)
Flatscreen Trolley – TR3012*
Flower Table 1500mm CS3213*
Forestdale 4 Station OP – FC1009
Grommet Clear Lib Book End – 587130
Gutter Bolt (Various – See More)
Half Round Table – CS3231*
Hutches for Lockers – FS2352
Index Spaces (Various – See More)
Interlocking Table 900mm – CS3212*
Internal Chute (Various – See More)
Internal Chute S/S FB4207
Jumbo Book Trolley (Various – See More)
Jumbo Lockers (Various – See More)
Junior Fiction Shelving Unit – FC9000
Kidney Table – CS3214*
Kidney Table Top 1500x700mm – FC3214T
Kiosk for Self Service – CS1165*
Laptop Bench 3600mm – CS1168*
Laptop Table – CS1163*
Laptop Trolley (Various – See More)
LIB Canopy D/F 600x300mm – 521592
Library Truck – 4 Compartment FC1024
Lilypad Cushion Trolley – TR2008
Lockable Computer Drive Box – FS0000
Lockable Dumbe Trolley Cupboard – FC1100
Locker base – FS2313
Loose Table – FC9012
Magazine Bracket 3 Tier Pair – 542172
Magazine Shelving – FC9004
Magazine Stand – Special – FC1035
Magazine Stand (Various – See More)
Magazine Tray (Various – See More)
Make a Space Trolley – CS4001*
Mel End Panel (Various – See More)
Mel S/S End Panel (Various – See More)
Melamine Shelf – FC1147
Metal Label Holder W/B – BE4010
Missoni Round Table 920 Diam – FC0038
Mk11 NT TUB 900x300mm – 584262
Mobile Magazine Display – CS3012*
Mobile QWall Display – FC0018
New Book Display – FC1023
Newspaper Hanging Unit – FS1601*
Newspaper/Reading Unit – FC1032
On Desk Kiosk – DC1327
Opac 4 Station Split Level – FC1325
Opac End Panel – EPOPAC
Opac Table – FC1019
Opac Toowong Style End Panel – EPTSOPAC
Oval Workstation – FC1327
Panels Special – E/PANEL
Paperback Bracket 200mm Uptilt 12^ – 540252
Paperback Shelf 900×115 UTB – 521802
Plant Style End Panel (Various – See More)
Pod UOQ (Various – See More)
Poly Bag Rail (Various – See More)
Post Cap Clear LIB – 585350
POST D/S Shelving (Various – See More)
POST S/S Shelving (Various – See More)
Profile Table – CS3224*
Quarto Unit – FC0009
QWall Panel End Panel – QWEP
QWall Panel High (Various – See More)
Rear Upstand Shelf (Various – See More)
Record Tub (Various – See More)
Redcliffe Trolley – TR2040
Redcliffe Tub (Various – See More)
Ref. Shelf ML300 MKII Set – 520372
Return Bin (Various – See More)
Return Unit 600MM Mel (Various – See More)
Rocket Book Pod – CS1002*
Roll Dispenser 3 Tier – FS1700
Rollaway Base Shelf 900mm x 300mm – 520632
Rollaway Bracing 900x300mm – 550402
Rollaway Post D/S (Various – See More)
Round Table (Various – See More)
Round Table 600mm – CS3207
S/Carrel Blinker (Various – See More)
S/S Fabric End Panel (Various – See More)
S/S Q Wall End Panel (Various – See More)
S/Sided Metal Bk Trolley (Various – See More)
Screw Feet Set Lib Upright – 587010
SDS Workstation – FC1313
Seismic Bracing 900x1800mm PRS – 550453
Select Beech 6 Compartment Easy Box (Various – See More)
Serial Shelf 300mm x 100mm UTF – 520442
Serial Shelf Divider 300mm – 584842
Shelf (Various – See More)
Shelf 200mm CLEARVIEW – 520142
Shelf CD/DVD & Book Display (Various – See More)
Shelf CD/DVD & Book Display (Various – See More)
Shelf MSPL 600×225 UTB – 521190
Shelf Slotted (Various – See More)
Shelves UTB 900mm x 375mm – 520532
Shelving Unit (Various – See More)
Shelving Unit (Various – See More)
Shelving Unit 2 Bay – FC1148
Shield Table Frame – CS322
Single Canopy Bracket – 541QLSCPS
Slab End “C” Study Carrel – FC3623
Slat Wall Panel – QWPANEL
Slide Out Browser Bin Set 300mm – 585182
Slop Audio/Mag Bracket 2 Tier 350mm – 542162
Slop Bracket (Various – See More)
Sloping Metal Book Trolley (Various – See More)
Sloping Shelf Divider (Various – See More)
Small Round Table – FC9006
Sorting Trolley – TR2032
Special Bin – FS2003
Stainless Steel Outdoor Bin – FB2007
Stainless Steel Outside Bin – HAN2007
Sterling Magazine Unit (Various – See More)
Sterling Newspaper Stand (Various – See More)
Sterling Newspaper Storage – CS3810*
Storage Unit – FC0040
Super Locker (Various – See More)
Table 1000x600x720 – CS3001*
Table 1800x1200x600 – CS3003*
Table 1800x600x900 – CS3004*
Table as Spec – CS3000*
Table as Spec – CS3002*
TB Canopy Bracket (Various – See More)
Thornlands Workstation (Various – See More)
Timber Canopy (Various – See More)
Timber Magazine Stand (Various – See More)
Timber Shelving Unit – FC1149
Timber Step Stool – FC1050
Train Picture Book (Various – See More)
Train Set – Loco – FC1027
Trapazoid Table – CS3217*
Trapezium Table – CS3300*
Triangle Mobile Display (Various – See More)
Triangle Pillar Fillers – FC9013
Trolley – Under Stage – TR2304*
Trolley Book Basket (Various – See More)
Trolley Jumbo TV-VID w/ Strap – TR3110*
Trundle – FC0030
Unbound Serials Trolley – TR2050
Underslung Bracket (Various – See More)
Understage Trolley & Handle – TR2301
Uptilt Face Out Bracket 300mm – 542132
Wall Chanel (Various – See More)
Wave Table – CS3222*
Workstation As Spec – FC1320
Zig Zag 900x150mm – 586992
Zig Zag Newspaper Stand – FC10010

Learn more about the benefits of environmental certification for your products by reading our case studies

GECA has helped countless Australian businesses obtain certification

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What our clients say about us

Clients say it’s GECA or nothing. If you don’t have GECA certification it’s a negative. GECA certification is a priority for Haworth.

John Stamoulos

GECA is seen by major clients across Australia and internationally to be a credible organisation that provides certification to forward thinking companies that seek to maintain and further environmental standards. Envirofluid is glad to be associated with the GECA label”.

Lydia Ohlmeyer, Marketing and Operations Manager

Being an environmentally aware business, we needed a way to ensure, adhere and implement sustainably preferable strategies into our business plan. The team at GECA is co-operative and their guidance ensured that we not only complied with green standards, but exceeded them. The process is credible and well-received in the market place and ensures that we are set apart from the not-so-genuine ‘greenwashing’ companies.

Donna McMullen, Director 

Having GECA certification gives added credibility to our already strong Europlank brand. The GECA ecolabel confirms that Havwoods Europlank has been rigorously assessed for its impact over its life cycle and it is safer for our clients, their families and colleagues. When you choose Havwoods GECA certified Europlank you can have confidence in the environmental and health claims of this product range.

David Hickson, General Manager

GBCA Green Star projects are a fantastic way of promoting environmentally aware developments that benefit all parties involved. Jardan is committed to the advertisement of eco-labelling as a means of encouraging sustainable practice,

Andy Collins, Design Assistant

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