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FX Australia

FX Australia

What are some of the key sustainability aspects of your business and products?

FX Australia is a proud Australian manufacturer of premium speciality finishes, architectural and commercial paint products, and an innovative (patent pending) Compound System.

Over ten years ago, FX Australia made a conscious decision to operate our business with sustainability as our core value. Hence, FX Australia chooses recyclable packaging materials and locally manufactured raw materials where possible. Manufacturing waste is re-purposed, pallets, packaging and sample boards are reused, recycled and upcycled to deliver on our promises.

Why did you choose to get GECA certification?

GECA has a strict set of criteria that aligns with FX Australia’s core values. FX Australia strongly believes in personal accountability, providing a safe and respectful working environment, and above all, implementing and following safe and environmentally sustainable manufacturing procedures.

How important is certification to you and your customers?

GECA certification acknowledges FX Australia’s strong position on environmental issues. It gives our customers confidence in supporting FX Australia, a proactive brand in manufacturing greener and safer premium paint products. FX Australia’s clients request green certification in response to better, sustainable building practices. We aim to satisfy that request.

FX Australia GECA certified paints

Did you have to make any changes to your products or services to obtain GECA certification?

When a GECA certified raw material becomes unavailable or too costly, FX Australia must replace like for like and recertify the new raw material. While this can be troublesome, especially during recent COVID related events, the important thing is GECA certification process assists FX Australia in reviewing and updating our manufacturing processes to stay true to our core values.

What do you think are the biggest sustainability challenges for your industry right now?

The most significant issue facing FX Australia is maintaining a cost-effective range of products while meeting our environmental obligations. This has been greatly impeded by rising costs across all associated industries, such as waste disposal, packaging, raw materials, and transportation, due to the COVID pandemic.

COVID has shown how vulnerable we are to global supply chain disruption. To ensure the continuation of Australian manufacturing and associated industries, it is vital Australian manufacturers are supported.

Buying locally can reduce the environmental footprint and help us all become environmental warriors. Choose FX Australia for your next project!


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