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eWater Systems

eWater Systems

eWater Systems is an Australian owned and Melbourne based company specialising in electrolysis hygiene technology for food safety, cleaning and infection control. Their product solutions empower businesses with effective, safe and sustainable hygiene solutions that reduce supply chain dependence and chemical expense. eWater has certified under both GECA’s Cleaning Products and Personal Care Products standards.

eWater Systems Spray Bottles

What do you think are the biggest sustainability challenges for your industry right now?

We operate in the commercial hygiene industry. Today this industry is under enormous pressure to deliver cleaning, sanitising and disinfectant products across the country to help businesses reopen safely. The importance of this can’t be overstated, however from a sustainability perspective it highlights two big issues within the industry.

First and foremost, the industry supply chain relies heavily on single-use plastics to deliver their product. Secondly, are the ingredients of these products, many of which contain hazardous or volatile synthetic chemicals that end up in waste streams.

What sets you apart from other products or business in your industry?

eWater takes a completely different approach to the industry norm. Instead of a reliance on chemical consumables, we offer an onsite production system that allows organisations to produce what they need, when they need it and importantly reuse packaging. Our ingredients are also different. Our systems utilise electrolysis technology that requires only salt, tap water and electricity. The result is a certified organic cleaning agent and commercial grade disinfectant that is safe to use without PPE and will naturally biodegrade leaving no chemical residue.

eWater Systems Integrated Tap System

Why did you choose to get GECA certification, and how important is it to you?

As a company, protecting the environment is a core value for us. We are a B Corporation and strive to empower our customers to cut their reliance on synthetic packaged chemicals and their associated waste streams. Our GECA certification, therefore, was a natural fit for us, but also an important one as a trusted independent assurance for our products.

Our GECA certification provides our customers with an added layer of assurance that our products meet the high standards set out by the certification. Additionally, in a B2B marketplace, the certificate provides additional credibility to our story as we meet and speak with business owners and procurement teams. To this regard, we highly value our certification.

Who uses eWater?

We sell our products across two primary markets – the foodservice industry and the commercial cleaning industry. eWater is widely used by restaurants and large commercial kitchens around Australia as a food-safe and organic alternative to harsh chemicals that are often found in kitchens. In the commercial marketplace, our customers are organisations who are sick of an endless reliance on chemicals and the risks associated with them. eWater fits as a safer and sustainable alternative.

eWater customers include the International Convention Centre in Sydney, Taronga Zoo, Rockpool Restaurants, Regis Aged Care, Monash Health, Google, Canva, Commonwealth Bank and the YMCA.

eWater Systems Handwash in use

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