• Woolworths - Bricks - Edward Lam 9 years old with Bricks Photo credit Morgan Sette - 2021-94

    Woolworths’ New GECA Certified Collectibles Give New Life to Old Materials

    We’re delighted to announce that Woolworths has launched its newest and most sustainably focused collectible toy, with Woolworths Bricks set to help Australian families use creativity and play to learn more about good environmental choices.

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  • Looking Toward a Circular Future

    Looking Toward a Circular Future

    The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the very urgent need for us to work together as an international community to address global environmental and social problems. At GECA, we think the stage is set for a new era that celebrates the need for and the benefits of collaboration and transparency while embracing circular economy thinking.

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  • Buy Recycled

    Now is the Time to Prioritise Recycled Content

    The rise of circular economy thinking is creating new ways of approaching manufacturing and product stewardship across a breadth of markets. Buying products and materials made from recycled content is a significant step to shift our economy from linear to circular.

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