• Meet GECA's New Cleaning Products Standard

    Meet GECA’s New Cleaning Products Standard!

    Cleaning products are essential for healthy and appealing living and working conditions. However, they can also negatively impact human health and the environment. To determine whether a cleaning product is truly sustainable or not, you need to look at its entire lifecycle. That’s where the latest version of GECA’s Cleaning Products standard comes in!

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  • A black woman wearing an orange dress surrounded by plants

    GECA Guide: What is Biophilic Design?

    Biophilia means a love of nature, so what is biophilic design? This article will explore biophilic design, a concept that unites people, nature, and the places we live, work, and play to promote healing and wellbeing.

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  • eWater Systems

    GECA Licensee eWater Systems Are Banksia Awards Finalists

    Last week we were delighted to discover that our licensee, eWater Systems, have been announced as finalists in the 2020 Banksia Foundation Awards for both the Small Business Award and Ministers Award for the Environment.

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