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  • Meet GECA’s New Cleaning Products Standard!

    Meet GECA's New Cleaning Products Standard
    13 Jul 2022 6:48 pm

    Cleaning products are essential for healthy and appealing living and working conditions. However, they can also negatively impact human health and the environment. To determine whether a cleaning product is truly sustainable or not, you need to look at its entire lifecycle. That’s where the latest version of GECA’s Cleaning Products standard comes in!

    We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our revised standard – Cleaning Products (CPv3.0-2022). Here’s a snapshot of how our standard benefits people and planet:

    How GECA's Cleaning Products standard benefits people and planet

    Products certified under this standard can contribute toward achieving credit points for projects being certified under the Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star Performance tool. And our standard also contributes to meeting WELL features under the WELL Building Certification.

    This standard applies to the following categories of cleaning products:

    • General-purpose cleaners
    • Sanitary cleaners
    • Laundry cleaning agents
    • Hand dishwashing detergents
    • Machine dishwashing detergents
    • Fabric softeners or multi-component detergents

    Each of GECA’s lifecycle ecolabel standards also support action on specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations. The core SGDs related to our Cleaning Products standard are:

    Core SGDs for Cleaning Products standard

    Updates to our standard include the following:

    • New substances and chemical classes added to the prohibited list

    • Aerobic and anaerobic biodegradability criteria revised

    • Products cannot make vague and unsubstantiated claims, e.g., ‘natural’

    • All packaging must be 100% recycled material or readily recyclable and compostable

    • Scope extended to include machine dishwashing detergents, products used in domestic and commercial dishwashers, and fabric softeners

    Click here to download the standard or contact our team if you have any questions.

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