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  • New GECA Certified Macro Whole Living Range Helping Aussies Reduce Impact on the Environment 

    GECA Certified Macro Whole Living
    16 Jul 2021 10:46 am

    We’re thrilled to announce that Macro Wholefoods, available exclusively at Woolworths, has launched a range of GECA certified household cleaning products. Macro Whole Living, a range of cleaning products, including laundry, kitchen liquids and tablets, and multipurpose sprays, will help people keep their homes clean and fresh without harsh chemicals.

    Since we interact with cleaning products regularly, it’s essential to consider their effects on human health and the environment. For example, some harsh ingredients can cause health issues such as skin irritation or affect aquatic life by decreasing the water quality and affect all lives depending on these waterbodies when discharged into waterways.

    The range has been independently certified under our Cleaning Products and Machine Dishwashing standards. This means these products have all met robust environmental, human health and social impact criteria while also proving they work as promised!Macro Whole Living Range

    According to Macro Wholefoods General Manager Peter Hathaway, “Customers are increasingly looking for products that have less impact on the environment but are effective cleaning solutions.

    “We know that our Macro customers are looking for eco-friendlier cleaning products, so introducing a cleaning line was a natural extension to the brand to help them make better choices.

    “We’ve put the entire range of Macro Whole Living products through independent tests to ensure they’re not only tough on dirt, grease and stains but equally as gentle on the environment.”

    Paula Clasby, Head of Engagement & Marketing at GECA, said, “We’re excited to certify the new Macro Whole Living range. Our ecolabel removes doubt and confusion and makes it easier to identify environmentally and socially preferable products.

    “Congratulations to Woolworths for this new range of products that are better for people and the planet!”.

    Woolworths introduced its first cleaning product refill station earlier in June as a trial at the supermarket’s Burwood Brickworks store in Melbourne. The refill station currently offers three different products from the Macro Whole Living range: laundry liquid, a multipurpose surface cleaner and dishwashing liquid.

    GECA Certified Macro Whole Living Refill Station

    The refill stations aim to reduce plastic by allowing customers to use the same bottle again and again. Customers will use the provided empty container at the new refill station, fill up their container, and scan at the checkout as usual. Not only is it hoped the trial will save plastic, but customers could also save money, paying a lower price for their cleaning liquids when they use the refill station.

    The Macro Whole Living range can be found in the cleaning aisles of Woolworths stores nationwide or here online.

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