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    Clean Up Australia 2022
    17 Jan 2022 2:25 pm

    Clean Up Australia urges people to get in early and sign up for the country’s largest community-based environmental event, Clean Up Australia Day, as the environment feels the effects of a COVID-19 hangover.

    The last two years have seen significant increases in single-use plastics, alongside unprecedented numbers of face masks, takeaway coffee cups and food packaging littering our footpaths, parks and beaches.

    Clean Up Australia Chairman, Pip Kiernan, says it’s more important than ever to protect Australia’s unique environment by stepping up on Clean Up Australia Day.

    “The environment is still experiencing the impact of the pandemic,” said Ms Kiernan.

    “Our habits changed during COVID and most of these haven’t been kind on the environment. Surges in online shopping, meal delivery services and the use of disposable face masks and coffee cups, mean the environment is feeling the after-effects of the pandemic in ways not seen before,” added Ms Kiernan.

    The environmental organisation encourages volunteers to sign up early to show their commitment to improving the environment. Registration is easy, and all community-based participants receive a free Clean Up kit containing gloves and bags and other resources, with packs for individuals, families or groups available.

    Key dates are:

    • Business Clean Up Day – Tuesday 1 March 2022
    • Schools Clean Up Day – Friday 4 March 2022
    • Clean Up Australia Day – Sunday 6 March 2022

    As we do each year, Team GECA will be rolling up our sleeves and participating in Business Clean Up Day! We encourage organisations to get involved in a COVID-safe staff clean-up event in their local area. There is a range of exciting ways businesses can Step Up. Whether it’s a simple one-off clean up event, competitive multi-site corporate challenge or an online educational team-building session, you can involve your staff, customers and stakeholders in improving your local environment.

    GECA staff (Karina, Raven and Rodrigo) at Business Clean Up Australia 2021

    GECA staff (Karina, Raven and Rodrigo) at Business Clean Up Australia 2021

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