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  • Team GECA Step Up for Business Clean Up Day 2021

    Team GECA on Business Clean Up Day
    17 Mar 2021 5:17 pm

    On 2 March, the GECA team took action and spent Business Clean Up Australia Day by the seaside at La Perouse. At first glance, the beaches seemed as clean and glistening as the ocean, but quickly the team uncovered an assortment of rubbish littered across the cliffs and sands. In fact, it was shockingly easy for us to fill up our bags.

    The dreaded disposable mask made a frequent appearance, and it was sad to see the effects on our environment this pandemic is making. However, knowing that businesses and communities from all over Australia are banding together to look after their local environment.

    Team GECA Step Up for Business Clean Up Day 2021

    After over a year of remote working, a massive highlight of the day was seeing each other in person! It was a fun team bonding day for a great cause, helping to clean up, fix up and conserve our environment.

    Thanks, Clean Up Australia!

    Step Up to Clean Up

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