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  • Armstrong Flooring First to Achieve VinylCycle Verification

    Armstrong Flooring Ariel View
    21 Aug 2023 2:37 pm

    Armstrong Flooring has achieved authentication of an 85% recycled content claim from GECA for their Cove Fillet product as part of the Vinyl Council of Australia’s (VCA) VinylCycle Label.

    Manufactured in Australia for over 25 years and produced to strict quality control guidelines from a blend of high-quality raw materials, Armstrong Flooring’s PVC accessories set the industry benchmark and are designed to coordinate with their resilient flooring ranges to meet installation standards and current interior design trends.

    Armstrong Flooring’s Cove Fillet – which creates a solid foundation for coved vinyl flooring installations – including within vital healthcare settings – is the first PVC flooring product to achieve a VinylCycle recycled content claim.

    The VinylCycle Trade Mark License and GECA Claims Authentication process represent a collaborative partnership between the VCA and GECA to develop a program to authenticate the claims of manufacturers and distributors of PVC products containing recycled PVC in Australia.

    The VinylCycle Specifications outline the criteria for verifying products claimed to be made wholly or partially from recycled PVC and enable a claim to be made and authenticated that is clear, not misleading and communicates an environmental benefit.

    VinylCycle authentication will aid specifiers, procurers, and consumers in identifying products with genuine recycled content to support informed procurement decisions and provide a means for product manufacturers to gain recognition for contributing to a more circular economy.

    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) highlighted the prevalence of misleading environmental claims by Australian businesses in a report tabled in early 2023, which highlights the value of independent third-party verification, such as that provided via VinylCycle, to ensure that environmental claims are accurate and avoid greenwashing. GECA follows internationally recognised ISO 14021 principles to verify a VinylCycle claim, which includes a GECA technical specialist checking all documentation to ensure credibility.

    For manufacturers and distributors looking to apply or for stakeholders seeking further information on the VinylCycle Label, please click here.

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