GECA Claims Authentication and VinylCycle

The VinylCycle Label and verification process represent a collaborative partnership between the Vinyl Council of Australia (VCA) and GECA to verify recycled PVC content claims, encouraging recycled PVC uptake and related innovation.

The VCA, in conjunction with GECA and with consultation from VCA members and the broader PVC, or vinyl, industry, has developed ‘The Specifications for the Verification of Recycled PVC Content Claims in PVC Products’. The primary purpose of the specifications is to define criteria for the verification of products claiming to be made wholly or partially from recycled PVC or vinyl.

Claims shall consist of the manufacturer or distributor indicating the minimum percentage of recycled PVC content in a particular product range. VinylCycle is available to applicants claiming at least 10% of the PVC compound (by weight) constitutes recycled PVC.

GECA’s role is  to assess the claims. GECA’s Claims Authentication service follows internationally recognised ISO 14021 principles. To verify a VinylCycle claim, a GECA technical specialist checks all documentation to ensure credibility.VinylCycle Claims Process
VinylCycle verification will aid specifiers, procurers, and consumers in identifying products with genuine recycled content to support informed procurement decisions and provide a means for product manufacturers to gain recognition for contributing to the circular economy of PVC and plastics more generally. It further provides a system to help maintain identification of recyclate through the supply chain from waste recovery to product use.

Recycled PVC products may be environmentally preferable based on reduced demand for virgin PVC materials, reduced embodied energy and reduced amounts of PVC waste going to landfill.


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