• GECA Celebrates Recycled Products for National Recycling Week!

    Planet Ark’s National Recycling Week is reminding Australians that much of what we currently send to landfill is actually valuable material that could be reused, repurposed or recycled. This year’s theme – “Waste isn’t waste until it’s wasted” – focuses on simple and actionable tips that enable Australians to keep those valuable materials in circulation, whether at home, work or school.

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  • A black woman wearing an orange dress surrounded by plants

    GECA Guide: What is Biophilic Design?

    Biophilia means a love of nature, so what is biophilic design? This article will explore biophilic design, a concept that unites people, nature, and the places we live, work, and play to promote healing and wellbeing.

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  • Planet Ark's Top Tips to Reduce Waste Over the Holidays

    Planet Ark’s Top Tips to Reduce Waste Over the Holidays

    In Australia, we generate up to 50% more waste during the holidays! At GECA, we know that there’s no need to choose between fun and sustainability. We spoke to Planet Ark’s Head of Circular Economy Programs, Ryan Collins, who recommends using the 3Rs to have a more sustainable holiday break this summer.

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