• Join Us at the ESG Procurement Conference 2024!

    At GECA, we know that embedding ESG into procurement will benefit your bottom line and help you manage supply chain risk – it’s a win for your business, the planet, and the people on it. So, we’re proud to be a supporting partner of this year’s ESG Procurement Conference in Sydney!

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  • Arial view of mangrove plants

    ‘Nature Positive’ Is More Than Planting a Few Trees

    Have you heard the phrase “nature positive”? It’s suddenly everywhere. The idea is simple: rather than continually erode the natural world, nature positive envisions a future with more nature than we have now.

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  • 3 Ways GECA Can Empower You to Avoid Greenwashing

    Earlier this month, the ACCC provided an update on their greenwashing crackdown following an internet sweep which found more than half of the businesses reviewed made concerning claims about their environmental or sustainability practices. Here are three key ways we can help organisations avoid making misleading environmental claims.

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