• GECA Blog Cover Image - GECA and Growing the Green Building Industry

    GECA & Growing the Green Building Industry

    At GECA, we are proud to have developed over 25 lifecycle ecolabel standards for a wide range of product and service categories. However, regional leadership in the built environment has been a significant driver behind many of our products and services. In this article we explore which building schemes are going strong in Australia, and how they relate to GECA.

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  • GECA certified Dusk 1 carpet by modulyss

    How to Make a Better Flooring Choice for People and Planet with GECA

    When choosing flooring, it’s not always easy to decipher what is greenwash and what is a better choice! To make it easier, we want to share what to look for in flooring to ensure a GOOD outcome for people and planet.

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  • Buy Recycled

    Now is the Time to Prioritise Recycled Content

    The rise of circular economy thinking is creating new ways of approaching manufacturing and product stewardship across a breadth of markets. Buying products and materials made from recycled content is a significant step to shift our economy from linear to circular.

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