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    For Future Generations
    18 Jun 2019 12:29 pm

    We are pleased to announce the appointment of For Future Generations as an approved Assurance Provider for the GECA ecolabelling program.

    This Melbourne-based company has been providing auditing and certification services for over a decade. Through a team of assessors across Australia, they pride themselves on coordinating conformity assessments projects to minimise travel costs.

    The owner of For Future Generations, Nick Capobianco, is a sustainability professional with more than 10years’ experience with internationally recognised sustainability certification standards and 16 years’ experience in Product Development, Marketing and Executive Management.

    Each of our Assurance Providers is assessed, appointed, reviewed and reappointed by an independent panel of advisors known as the Independent Appointment Panel.

    For more information, contact or call us on + 61 2 9699 2850.

    GECA Approved Assurance Provider

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