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    Waste Strategy Summit 2019
    19 Jun 2019 8:00 am

    GECA is proud to be a Supporting Partner of the Waste Strategy Summit which will be taking place on 25 – 27 June at the Aerial UTS Function Centre in Sydney.

    Waste management has rapidly become a critical issue for both business and government, as cost and community pressure increases. China’s ban on importing recyclables has exacerbated the issue. With the right strategy, however, there are real win-win opportunities in this sector to both reduce waste and the associated costs.

    The Summit is designed for executives working within waste management, recycling, resource recovery, and environment sustainability departments from across all sectors in Australia, who are looking to improve their waste management operations. Our CEO, Kate Harris, will be the Chair of the event on day one.

    Kate Harris Chair at Waste Strategy Summit

    Receive a 10% discount
    off the registration fee by using VIP code ‘GECA10’ when booking


    Why you need to be at the Waste Strategy Summit 2019:

    🔸 Review new industry approaches to waste and sustainability strategies

    🔸 Explore how leading organisations are applying alternative approaches to decrease and manage their waste

    🔸 Acquire new concepts from multiple industries and see how they can help you achieve excellence in waste management

    🔸 Discover new ways to conduct waste practices and overcome challenges of new regulations and environmental pressures

    🔸 Promote waste and sustainable excellence in your organisation through improved business partnership and innovation

    🔸 Learn how to bridge the gap between the need for business expansion and the growing issue of waste

    🔸 Evaluate your waste management plan for increasing efficiency, whilst saving costs

    The Waste Strategy Summit also practices what it preaches with its Zero-Waste Objective throughout the production process as well as during the 3-days of the event.

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