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  • Understanding and Exploring Chemicals Management in the Furniture and Furnishings Industry

    Understanding and Exploring Chemicals Management in the Furniture and Furnishings Industry
    25 Aug 2021 2:37 pm

    On Tuesday 17 August, the Australasian Furniture Association (AFA) hosted a joint webinar with the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE) and GECA to introduce the project: ‘Understanding and Exploring Chemicals Management in the Furniture and Furnishing Industry‘.

    Research shows that the chemicals of concern used in this sector can lead to environmental and health impacts. Despite this, the management, use, and potential strategies to phase out or restrict chemicals of concern in the Australian furniture and furnishings industry are still largely unexplored.

    Over the next three weeks (24 August to 13 September), we will be undertaking a series of surveys and interviews with key industry stakeholders. This process aims to understand best practice, the main gaps, obstacles and opportunities in chemicals management and in transitioning away from chemicals of concern.

    It will also gauge the level of awareness in the industry about the uses of chemicals of concern, relevant policies and strategies businesses have in place to manage chemicals, and develop an understanding of which governing standards the industry sees as impactful.

    You have the option of undertaking an online survey or engaging in an interview with the Project Team. Each option will take between 30 minutes to an hour.

    Register here to lock in your interview. Here you will be able to register your interest in undertaking an interview, select your preferred time and provide your contact details. A member of the Project Team will then contact you to schedule the interview. All interviews will be recorded and transcribed.

    To participate in the survey, click the relevant link below. Please note, there are two surveys: a Supply Chain Survey and a Stakeholder Survey:

    Supply Chain Survey: applies to product designers, raw material suppliers, manufacturers, wholesale/distributors, retailers, after-care, recycling and maintenance, packaging, and waste management organisations or persons who work in or with the Australian Furniture and Furnishings Industry.

    Stakeholder Survey: applies to all other stakeholders outside the direct supply chain (e.g. associations, standards organisations, environmental consultancies, product stewardship schemes, government, universities, researchers etc.).

    You are welcome to undertake both a survey and an interview. If you feel your responses aren’t adequately captured by the survey or want to talk more with a project member, simply undertake the survey and register your interest in the interview link above.

    Your engagement is crucial to this process and will help us provide grounded and relevant recommendations for future action around chemicals of concern in the furniture and furnishing industry. Any feedback and information you provide will assist in shaping policies and guidance that will directly affect your business.

    Should you have any questions about this process, please contact: Sarah Wilson, Research and Compliance Manager at AFA on +61 413603053 or via

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