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  • The future of Green Star explained

    20 Nov 2013 11:30 am

    On Tuesday 19 November Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) held a Green Star information session and AGM at the Commonwealth Bank offices in Darling Harbour. This session was an opportunity to bring together GECA licensees and members, product specifiers including architects, engineers and designers. Attendees were given details on the green credentials of the venue and the future of Green Star.

    A special thank you goes to Robert Milagre, Manager for Green Star Development at the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) for his presentation on the future of Green Star and in particular Green Star – Performance, which was launched in October.

    Green Star – Performance is particularly exciting for GECA and its licensees because it means more of its standards will be recognised by the GBCA. From a broader perspective this rating tool also means that existing structures can address environmental impacts and furthermore encourage change, ultimately bringing us closer to our mission of improving the sustainability of consumption.

    “The new Green Star – Performance looks at operational practices and performance benchmarks and measures operational results achieved during a performance period. The idea is to transfer all the benefits of Green Star to the existing market,” said Milagre.

    GECA would also like to thank Bernadette Keating, Commonwealth Bank’s Acting Head of Property Design and Delivery for leading a tour of the building and giving an informative presentation on its environmental attributes. The 6 star Green Star building is a recently completed development that showcases corporate environmental and social possibilities. It includes top-of-the-range sustainable features such as a blackwater treatment facility and GECA certified materials and furniture.


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