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  • Survey shows sustainable processes of manufacturers and government services

    28 Aug 2013 3:06 am

    BSI incorporating NCSI has released its second biannual industry survey. Findings show that government organisations are lagging in sustainability practices.

    According to the Corporate Environmental & Sustainability Governance Survey 2013, 100 per cent of manufacturers indicated they have environmental and sustainability policies, conducted energy audits, and implemented energy efficient processes.

    However, of the governmental services organisations, only 69 per cent undertook energy audits; 85 per cent had energy and sustainability policies in place; and 82 per cent implemented energy efficient processes.

    The survey also found that regulatory compliance for the environment and greenhouse gases is set to be the most important driver of sustainability measures for many companies over the next three years. Offsetting carbon emissions was not common and is only carried out by one in five respondents.

    “There are exceptions to these findings, with government and services performing more robustly than manufacturing in the delivery of environmental procurement policies (73 per cent against 43 per cent) and sustainability reporting (79 per cent against 63 per cent),” says Nick Koukoulas, Managing Director of BSI incorporating NCSI.

    “Given the greater energy consumption of manufacturers, it’s not entirely unexpected they have all undertaken energy audits and implemented energy efficient processes.”

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