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  • Standards, Stockholm & Systems for Change – Reflections from Kate Harris

    15 Jun 2018 1:58 pm

    The last few months have been a wonderful time for GECA in terms of events, education and engagement. We have been out and about contributing to the wider conversation around sustainable leadership and how we can all work together to find a better way of doing things across the globe. I have been privileged to be involved in three such events this month. 

    At the beginning of June, I spoke at an APEC conference on greening our supply chains. This was hosted in Beijing, with more than 15 economies represented. It is an exciting step towards systemic progress when the Sub-Committee on Standards and Conformance at APEC are actively aiming to green our supply chains and drive greater green choice. Exemplars from Schindler and Lenovo were just two examples of how corporations are taking environmental and social responsibility seriously. It is wonderful to see case studies of the private and public sector working together. 

    The second event was educationally focused – a Sydney Roundtable at EduBUILD – linking global and contemporary trends in design for learning spaces to the Australian context. Our table was consistently oversubscribed and it was a delight to be with passionate people, whether principals of schools or principal architects. Everyone there aspires to create a better future for generations to come and believed that biophilia, better buildings and materials matter. 

    And last but not least – Standards in Stockholm. As I write this, I am winging my way to Stockholm to support the international standards meeting on environmental labelling – to make sure that we keep working together on the clarity of communication of environmental labels. We are fighting the good fight against greenwash and making sure that our licensees, who are leading the way, are rewarded for their true excellence. 


    Kate Harris, GECA CEO

    Kate Harris, Chief Executive Officer

    Kate believes passionately in human potential and draws on her diverse experience in the performing arts, executive coaching, cultural change and organisational development, helping individuals, organisations and communities to create a better future.


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