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  • Spotlight: Office Spectrum

    25 Aug 2014 11:32 am

    Office Spectrum specialises in providing refurbished furniture solutions for office spaces. The company takes discarded workstations and other office furniture, then transforms them into something fresh, new, and environmentally-preferable. It’s recycling with style, working with used components to lower both the cost and the environmental impact of outfitting an office space.

    Over the years of business, Office Spectrum has reused hundreds of tonnes of workstation material and recycled tonnes of steel and aluminium. The company is certified under GECA’s Furniture, Fittings and Foam standard, and is currently the only GECA licensee certified under a process.

    One of Office Spectrum’s more notable refurbishments was the revamp of Fairfax Media offices in Sydney. “People have this pre-conceived notion that re-furbished furniture is daggy and unfashionable,” says Joyce Seeho, Director at Office Spectrum. “This is definitely not the case and when we furnish offices like this it proves that items that are re-used can look like new.”

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