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  • Spotlight: KE-ZU

    29 Sep 2014 9:55 am

    KE-ZU specialises in the sales, marketing and distribution of high quality residential and contract furniture throughout Australia. Since 1992 it has supplied stylish designs from a range of countries around the world, such as Spain, Italy, Japan, the Philippines, and France, among others. The company aims to provide furniture that helps people live, work and relax better.

    KE-ZU also specialises in supplying an extensive range of GECA certified products that meet the Furniture and Fittings standard. The company is especially committed to ensuring the furniture and its packaging has been designed and manufactured with considerable thought to ecology.

    Products regularly make use of environmentally-preferable finishes and materials, such as powder coating, recycled polymers, biodegradable adhesives or non-chromed steel or aluminium. KE-ZU is also committed to taking back products at the end of their useful lives to ensure they are recycled or disposed of as responsibly as possible.

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