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  • Spotlight: Fletcher Insulation

    12 May 2014 5:10 am

    Our latest licensee to feature in the GECA spotlight is Fletcher Insulation, one of Australia’s leading insulation companies. The company provides insulation materials for the commercial and industrial sectors, and residential applications have formed a core part of their business for many years.

    Fletcher Insulation is committed to providing environmentally sustainable products and utilise approximately 70% recycled waste glass in the production of glasswool insulation. Products comply with the GreenStar Insulant ODP Emissions credit requirement, avoiding the use of ozone depleting substances in both manufacture and composition.

    The company was one of the first Australian companies to achieve GECA certification for their glasswool batts and unfaced blanket range of products. They have been certified under the Thermal Building Insulation Materials standard, making these insulation products an environmentally-preferable and healthier choice.

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