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  • Spotlight: Embelton Flooring

    10 Jun 2014 11:05 am

    Embelton Flooring provides high-quality and stylish flooring for a range of applications, and their environmentally-preferable bamboo flooring is GECA certified against the Floor Coverings standard.

    Popular with home owners and architects alike, bamboo flooring is valued for its sustainability, durability, and stylish appearance. Its exceptional hardness and density make it an excellent flooring choice, while having the added benefit of being better for the environment too.

    Bamboo is prized in China for its adaptability and versatility, and is found in many applications from Chinese medicine to construction scaffolding and architectural furnishings.

    A hot press strand woven manufacturing process is used to give Embelton Bamboo high density, hardness and a stylish appearance. All material is sourced from managed forests to ensure consistency and sustainability.

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