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  • Spotlight: Croxley Stationery Ltd

    8 Jul 2014 9:15 am

    Croxley Stationery owns or manages some of the world’s most iconic stationery brands: names such as Collins, Avery, Uni, Filemaster, Olympic, and Pilot. The New Zealand-based manufacturer, distributor and marketer is also a GECA licensee.

    Croxley Stationery has developed a range of environmentally-preferable stationery products which are certified through GECA. Certain products from its range of exercise books, project books, scrapbooks and specialty books and pads all meet the criteria under GECA’s Office Paper standard, making them environmentally-preferable choices for office and school environments.

    All of Croxley’s GECA certified products are:

    • Manufactured from 100% recycled fibre, waste wood from harvesting/processing operations, virgin fibre from sustainably managed sources, or a combination of these fibres.

    • Made by an organisation which aims to maximise post-consumer recycled content, the percentage of virgin fibre that is FSC (or equivalent) licensed, or the percentage of fibre that is recycled, waste or FSC certified (order of preference) in mixed fibre products.

    • Contain no carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic or ecotoxic dyes, pigments or coatings.

    • Does not contain any azo dyes or pigments which release potentially carcinogenic amines.

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