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  • Spotlight: Commando Storage Systems

    4 Aug 2014 9:23 am

    Commando Storage Systems has been operating for over 20 years and is a leading Australian manufacturing company, specialising in industrial, warehousing and office storage solutions. It’s in our Spotlight this week with two GECA certified products, Ezi-Store Moduline Static Shelving Systems and Ezi-Glide Mobile Shelving Systems.

    The Ezi-Store Moduline Static Shelving System is available in a range of heights, widths and depths to suit multiple storage needs. It also comes with a range of accessories for file and warehouse storage. It’s modular and easy to adapt to new spaces and needs, and can be easily mounted to the Ezi Glide mobiles.

    Commando’s Ezi-Glide Mobile Shelving System has a low profile base mounted aluminium track complete with infill floor which can be fixed to the floor. It has large diameter wheels for easy movement and is built with strong, durable materials. It’s easy to relocate and extend the system without the need for disassembly. A mechanically assisted mechanism is hidden inside the finishing panel for a smarter and cleaner finish.

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