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  • Shaw Contract’s Manufacturing Goes Carbon Neutral Worldwide

    Shaw Contract’s Manufacturing is Now Carbon Neutral
    18 Jun 2018 4:54 pm

    Congratulations to GECA licensee Shaw Contract Group, who recently announced that all of their commercial carpet manufacturing facilities worldwide are now carbon neutral.

    This includes all of their commercial carpet manufacturing facilities in the United States, their carpet tile manufacturing plant in China and their recently acquired operations in Scotland.

    “It’s a giant step toward creating a better future with products and business practices that are healthy and environmentally conscious” – Shaw Contract

    According to Shaw Contract, they have achieved carbon neutrality through four key steps

    (1) Improving the efficiency of their manufacturing (using less energy);

    (2) Switching to cleaner fuels (primarily natural gas);

    (3) Creating clean energy through the production of on-site renewable energy; and

    (4) Investing in renewable energy and carbon offset credits to offset the balance of their emissions.

    Shaw Contract's Carbon Neutral Manufacturing

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    Images via Shaw Contract.

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