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  • Quantum Libraries achieves GECA certification for nearly 600 products

    24 Apr 2017 12:54 am

    Australian library fitout and supply company, Quantum Libraries, has recently achieved certification with Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) for a staggering 598 products, substantially increasing the overall range of GECA certified products available.

    A wide range of shelving components and fittings, trolleys, tables, end panels, and other library furniture has been certified under GECA’s Furniture, Fittings and Foam standard, demonstrating that they have a lower environmental, health and social impact.

    “We’re thrilled to have Quantum Libraries on board with GECA, and to see such a strong commitment to creating truly sustainable products,” said GECA’s CEO, Kate Harris. “Even the smallest, simplest components of their systems have been designed with sustainability in mind, and it’s fantastic to see that level of dedication.”

    Quantum has been supplying library furniture and fittings in Australia for over three decades, and their service also includes fitouts for museums, hospitals, schools, offices, galleries, archive areas and more. The company is “incredibly passionate” about environmental conservation, embedding sustainability principles throughout all materials and manufacturing processes, including the use of recyclable steel throughout their shelving range.

    All products certified under GECA’s Furniture, Fittings and Foam standard are recognised by the Green Building Council of Australia at Level A for Green Star credit points. The standard covers environmental, health and social impacts throughout the entire life of a product, from the processes used for raw material extraction, through to the final disposal of the product and any packaging at its end of life stage. In addition to having a low environmental impact, products must not be harmful to human health and manufacturers must employ ethical employment and supply chain practices.

    Quantum Libraries website

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