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  • New products: Jardan adds products to GECA licence

    25 Oct 2013 4:24 am

    This week, long-standing GECA licensee Jardan achieved certification for five more of its products. Meeting all the requirements set out in the Furniture, Fittings and Foam standard, Jardan has been granted certification for its Wilfed, Seb, Sidney, Harrison, Navy and Stanley Stool. These products are recognised as Level A & B except the Stanley Stool, which is recognised as Level B.

    Jardan is one of Australia’s best-loved furniture designers. It produces a fresh and inspired range of sofas, chairs, beds, tables and storage for contemporary Australian living. All items are made to exacting environmental and design standards by its crafts people in Melbourne, showing that it takes environmental responsibility seriously.

    Jardan recently opened its new showrooms in Melbourne and Sydney to cater to its growing consumer market. Visit Jardan’s website here for details.

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