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  • New products: Egetaeper and Rugs, Carpet & Design add new items to their licences

    17 Oct 2013 2:10 am

    This week we are happy to announce six products have passed their audit to achieve GECA certification under the Carpet Standard. The Una Mini Cut, Epoca Plait, Epoca Structure, Una Mini Loop, Una Mini Loop Modular and Una Mini Cut Modular products have been added to Egetaeper’s and Rugs, Carpet & Design’s licences. Certification has been granted in addition to the existing 32 products that have already achieved certification on these same licences.

    All newly certified products are stylish and durable, with some of the items having also met stringent requirements in terms of quality, comfort and acoustics. These attributes make the items perfectly adapted for use in open office environments. The Epoca Plait, Una Mini Loop and Una Mini Loop Modular have also achieved Class 33 certificationmaking them suitable for use in high-traffic areas.

    Both Egetaeper and Rugs, Carpet & Design specialise in supplying products of the highest quality to the commercial markets and their environmental impact is assessed rigorously to ensure they meet sustainably preferable benchmarks.

    All newly certified products are Green Star Applicable.

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