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  • New products: Deb Group adds five new products to its GECA licence

    25 Sep 2013 3:28 am

    GECA licensee Deb Group has achieved certification for five of its skin care products after being audited against the Personal Care Standard 2013, which was developed earlier this year.

    Deb Group is an away-from-home skin-care system developer that supplies to companies and organisations that value employee and customer well-being. For more than 65 years, it has been establishing skin care regimes for all types of workplace and public environments, spanning industrial, commercial, healthcare and food sectors.

    The company has added five items to its list of certified personal care products. These are: Instant Foam Hand Sanitiser, OxyBAC Fresh, OxyBAC, OxyBAC Extra and a Cutan Foaming Soap.

    Contact Deb Group if you are interested in introducing sustainably preferable personal care products to your business.

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