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  • New product: ekoWorx

    8 Apr 2016 12:36 pm

    We’re pleased to welcome our newest licensee, Quarran Health Products, with their ekoWorx cleaning solution! ekoWorx is a “next-generation universal cleaning solution” that uses the science of green ionic chemistry to create an effective “clean anywhere, clean everywhere” solution. It was formulated by Dr Leigh Aldous, UNSW, and is certified under GECA’s Cleaning Products standard.

    ekoWorx is based on water and minerals to create an effective unique cleaning method that is free from harmful toxic substances. It can be used to clean an entire home or workplace, replacing up to 20 niche cleaning products, and works as a degreaser, deodoriser, and multi-purpose day to day quality performance cleaner. It can be used to clean glass, floors, kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, outdoor, BBQ, pet areas, car interiors and more.

    ekoWorx Multipurpose Cleaner is available in 5L or 20L sizes.

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