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  • New licensee: Lowe Furniture

    4 May 2015 10:29 am

    GECA is pleased to welcome Lowe Furniture as a new licensee under our Furniture, Fittings and Foam standard! The Melbourne-based company prides itself on quality, dedicated craftsmanship, producing a range of beautiful wooden tables and boardroom furniture, custom-built to each client’s specifications.

    Lowe Furniture’s specialty is producing boardroom and meeting room tables to order, a feat which requires careful engineering and construction work to make such enormous furniture. Lowe’s designs can be found in the corporate spaces of Myer, Deakin University, Macquarie Bank, Toyota, Acer, Royal Northshore Hospital, the NSW Magistrate’s Court, and many others.

    Five products are currently certified with GECA:

    • The Atticus, a residential dining room table that uses Australian Myrtle timber and is Lowe’s best selling design.
    • The Henry (pictured), a round residential dining room table that could also look at home in a corporate space.
    • The Heta, a table designed with large, solid legs and heavy timber to make a statement.
    • The Marley, a minimal design with “beautifully expressed joints and end grain details” to make a statement in any room.
    • The Sterling, a gently retro 60’s-style dining table with flared legs and a horizontal timber grain across the top.

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