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  • New licensee: Brownbuilt

    2 Feb 2015 4:29 am

    GECA is pleased to announce that steel office furniture manufacturer Brownbuilt is now a licensee! A range of furniture items successfully passed through the audit process and meet all the requirements of GECA’s Furniture, Fittings and Foam standard.

    Brownbuilt is one of Australia’s oldest office furniture manufacturers, dating back to 1885 when the first factory (then specialising in boot tanning and printing machinery) was opened. Over many years, Brownbuilt evolved into the specialist all-steel office furniture manufacturer it is today. It now boasts offices in every state and an extensive support network of distributors.

    Brownbuilt offers a variety of filing cabinets (including anti-tilt cabinets), lockers, assisted shelving, pedestals, pallet racking, and cupboards that are certified with GECA.

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