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  • New licensee: Bosco Storage Solutions

    13 Jan 2015 1:29 am

    GECA is pleased to welcome some new licensees to start the new year. The first of these is Bosco Storage Solutions, an Australian manufacturer of commercial office storage solutions.

    Bosco Storage Solutions currently offers four different GECA certified products, including the Centurion tambour door cabinet, the Eris range of cabinets and caddies, the Galaxy cabinet, and the Squadron storage range. All of these are certified under GECA’s Furniture and Fittings standard.

    From Bosco Storage Solutions: “Our team of designers, engineers and technical specialists strive to create innovative, quality, cutting edge office storage and commercial storage solutions with a key focus on optimising user requirements, ergonomics, form and styling, product performance, functionality, and technological excellence.”

    To see the range of newly GECA certified products available, head to the Bosco Storage Solutions page.

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