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  • New licensee: Arthur G

    16 Mar 2015 3:10 am

    GECA is pleased to welcome furniture designer and manufacturer, Arthur G, after several products met all the criteria of the Furniture and Fittings standard. Arthur G has a wide range of beautifully-styled furniture items – and they all have a lower impact on the environment and human health.

    Arthur G has been creating furniture for 30 years, building a brand around quality, style and innovation. Every Arthur G product is designed and manufactured locally in Australia, providing a high standard of workmanship.

    Products range from the classic to the contemporary in terms of their design, covering both ends of the spectrum. Designs have comfort, luxury and durability in mind, and use the best quality raw materials sourced from around the world, according to the company.

    Check out Arthur G’s range of GECA certified chairs, sofas, beds and stools here. Pictured: Zak sofa.

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