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  • More GECA standards may soon be recognised by the GBCA

    14 Oct 2013 1:53 am

    The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) is planning to expand an existing Assessment Framework, meaning more GECA standards may be recognised next year.

    This new expansion would enable adhesives and paints to be recognised for fitout submissions, and cleaning products to be recognised by the Green Star Performance tool. More GECA certified products may therefore support Green Star developments achieve their Green Star rating.

    GECA was the first third-party certification scheme to be recognised by the GBCA. Currently it is recognised under the GBCA’s Assessment Framework for Product Certification Schemes and GECA certified products are rewarded in Green Star Material Calculators and will be rewarded under the new Fitout Calculators.

    Six current GECA standards are recognised for Green Star:

    GECA 28-2010 v2.1 – ‘Furniture, Fittings & Foam’ – Level A recognition;

    GECA 50-2011 v2 – ‘Carpets’ – Level A recognition;

    GECA 25-2011 v2 – ‘Floor Coverings’ – Level A recognition;

    GECA 04-2011 v2 – ‘Panel Boards’ – Level A recognition;

    GECA 40-2008 v1.1 – ‘Hard Surfacing’ – Level A recognition;

    GECA 28-2006 Modified 2010 v2 – ‘Furniture and Fittings’ – Level B recognition

    Specifying GECA certified products as part of a Green Star submission ensures efficiency, certainty and recognition. With GECA certification there is no need to collect excessive documentation or complete the calculators in full for each project, you can have confidence that your chosen GECA products will be Green Star compliant and you will be recognised by Australia’s most respected ecolabel.

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