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  • Message from the CEO – FY23 A Year in Review

    27 Nov 2023 5:11 pm

    Our new CEO, Josh Begbie, reflects on the highlights of the past financial year and introduces our FY23 Annual Review as a celebration of impact, collaboration and licensee leadership.

    As the new CEO of GECA, I joined the organisation in May, and therefore, I’m writing this note looking back on the excellent work done by Michelle Thomas, my predecessor, and the excellent GECA team of the 2022-23 Financial Year. I extend my gratitude to Michelle for the steady hand she used to keep GECA growing and leading in the sustainability space. She handed me an organisation with great people and immaculate credentials, and I am excited to be building on the legacy of her work.

    As recent work by the ACCC, Australia’s consumer law champion, and ASIC, Australia’s corporate, markets and financial services regulator, have shown, sustainability is increasingly vital to corporate and individual purchasers. And it’s critical that everyone can accurately choose products that genuinely make a difference. The plethora of sustainability labels and self-declared claims that have flooded the market in recent years have made it increasingly difficult to find products that truly take a holistic approach to looking after the planet and its people.

    In this context, there has never been a more important time for GECA to stand out in the marketplace, delivering independent, third-party certifications of products and services with complete transparency.

    Our latest annual review explores the key highlights GECA has delivered over the financial year—well done to the team for delivering more groundbreaking work. However, the job is not done! In the year ahead, we are developing a range of innovations that will make it easier for our stakeholders to use our tools: delivering a new look and feel of our standards, streamlining our processes and working even more closely with our assurance providers to deliver excellent outcomes.

    We would also love to hear from you as we innovate and grow! Whether you are a licensee, a customer or an individual interested in the space, if you have an idea for a new way GECA can help drive sustainable production or would like to partner with us in some way, please get in touch with us. We look forward to working together to keep transparent, holistic sustainability the gold standard for driving change in our world.

    Click below to read our FY22-23 Annual Review for more details on our exciting milestones!

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