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  • Message from the Acting CEO – Michelle Thomas

    Michelle Thomas
    21 Feb 2020 3:15 pm

    It’s with great anticipation and excitement that we bid farewell to 2019 and embark on a new year with GECA! We’re paving the way and finding new opportunities to provide solutions for sustainable consumption and production.

    Let’s be real. After a challenging end to 2019 which once again highlighted the negative impacts we are making on our planet, we need to recognise the value of working together to find solutions for a sustainable future for both people and planet.

    Team GECA continues to evolve

    We’ve bid farewell to our amazing leader and CEO, Kate Harris, as she makes her move to Canberra, to be closer to her husband (and her goats!). She is already sorely missed by the GECA team.

    With farewells often comes hellos! We welcome new faces and congratulate changes within the team. Deepali Ghadge, after volunteering for GECA for several months, has now joined our Standards & Technical team to support the new standards that we plan to launch this year. She will also be working on our Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) services.

    Raven Mason-Uyeda is currently providing the team with vital administrative support and working on a variety of marketing projects which will help GECA to continue to provide great service to our licensees. We’re also very excited to start working with two volunteers; Karina Schlieper and Cassandra Lau who are giving their time to GECA. Please join me in welcoming the newbies!

    The future is circular

    We know that now more than ever, manufacturers and procurers are calling for a circular economy society with better waste solutions and increased recycling and reuse wherever possible. Our Waste Collection Services standard and Recycled Products standard support that progression.

    Our Claims Authentication service recognises organisations that are committed to PROVING their social or environmental claims through independent third-party assurance. This means that conscious consumers will be able to confidently differentiate from others that may have false or misleading claims. Transparency is the enemy of greenwash!

    With our GECA LCA Suite, which will soon include the new Sustainable Products & Services standard, we can gain more data to analyse the environmental and social impacts of products or services. Ultimately this will allow businesses to work towards more sustainable choices.

    We look forward to seeing you around the circuit and exploring areas of collaboration together. Let’s make this year a time to fully embrace the ethos of making, buying and doing better for the sake of our planet and all of us that live here.

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