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  • Melocco Stone first licensee under Hard Surfacing standard

    17 Apr 2015 9:42 am

    Melocco Stone is the first company to have products certified under GECA’s Hard Surfacing standard, paving the way for more tile and stone companies to have their products recognised with an ecolabel.

    Melocco’s Austral Black Granite products are now GECA certified, making them a more environmentally-preferable choice. The company has been operating for 107 years and has been involved in some of Australia’s biggest stone projects, including at Parliament House, Sydney Airport, the Australian Museum, and Melbourne’s Crown Casino, to name just a few.

    Melocco prides itself on its range of locally quarried Australian stones, which offer a range of benefits over imported products. By sourcing locally, this affords more manufacturing flexibility and fewer delays, as well as the ability to monitor the quality of the product throughout the process. It also has environmental benefits, since imported tile and stone products typically require much greater energy expenditure to get the product from quarry to building site. Melocco can usually make recommendations on a type or colour of stone to either compete with or match a specified or existing imported material.

    Tile and stone products certified by GECA meet all our criteria for having a minimised environmental impact and also fit into the Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star ratings system. The new ‘Sustainable Products’ category rewards the inclusion of sustainable products in terms of their total dollar cost in a project, and since tiles can often be a big contributor, they can potentially earn more towards points in this regard.

    GECA is pleased to have Melocco Stone on board as a licensee, and looking forward to seeing more tile and stone companies obtain certification for their products.

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