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  • Love for our licensees!

    1 Mar 2016 10:30 am

    From Kate:

    I recently had the absolute pleasure of spending two days in Victoria visiting our licensees.

    From fabulous furniture, to leaders in library design, to successful stonemasons, I was incredibly proud to be with GECA and be a representative of so many great organisations.

    I learned many things, including how our manufacturers are surviving in an industry full of cheap imports and skill shortages for machinery as our manufacturing industry deteriorates. It’s not easy to ignore two calls a day for three years offering cheaper options for your business. Yet these companies continue on.

    There are makers of foam re-engineering their factories to eliminate as many risks as possible – not because they have to, but because they truly want to.

    I sat on beautiful high class furniture made by manufacturers who are doing the right thing by people and planet. I also met the providers of our City of Sydney pavers – so just remember, Sydney-siders, that every time you’re walking in the CBD, you are indeed being held up by a GECA certified product!

    And this commitment does not just stop at the top. All the way to the factory floor I saw a commitment to doing the right thing and being proud of it.

    I do not like the term ‘Aussie Battlers’, but these people are the closest I have seen to it. They’re committed to local jobs; to creating, innovating and driving environmental and ethical processes and products against commercial odds.

    They are not only surviving, but are thriving here and across the globe. They are smart, savvy businesses that we should be celebrating.

    I found a greater personal commitment for driving the demand for these businesses and the people in them.

    Thanks to all those passionate people. I am proud to have you in our community of leaders.

    I also call on you to work with each other in the manufacturing process. I saw many options for procuring materials from local, best practice certified sources that not only make it easier to do the “right thing” but also support your fellow manufacturing industry here in Australia.

    And if you are a consumer? If you’re considering a purchase, take some time to look at whether or not it is GECA certified. If it is, know that this means the company you support is doing the best for you, your family and your community.

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