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  • Looking at the Future of Waste & Recycling in Australia

    Waste and Recycling
    19 Jun 2018 10:46 am

    GECA is proud to be a Supporting Partner of the Waste Strategy Summit which will be taking place on 26 – 28 June at the Aerial UTS Function Centre in Sydney.

    This event is designed for executives working within waste management, recycling, resources recovery, and environment sustainability departments from across all sectors in Australia.

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    The Summit will cover topics spanning from the need to revisit the approach of production to modern technologies and strategies that optimise waste management, which lead to more effective financial savings and improved work ethics.

    The Waste Strategy Summit presents waste management in its entire complexity following the waste hierarchy, with case studies illustrating how to prevent, recycle and recover the most common waste.

    At 5pm on Day 2, GECA’s Kate Harris will be moderating a panel discussion on the future of the recycling industry in Australia. The panel will explore:

    ❇ Where Australia is going with its current recycling practices
    ❇ The benefits of stimulating the recycling industry
    ❇ Where the country should aim to be in few years
    ❇ What can be done to stimulate change

    The panelists include Jason McDermott (Co-founder, Dresden Optics),  Kevin Trustum (Commercial Services Business Manager, Lismore Council), Jenni Downes (Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney), and Sandor G. Lukacs de Pereny (PHD Candidate, University of New South Wales).

    Waste Strategy Summit 2018

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