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  • LEGACY ~ Responsible Fashion Summit 2019

    LEGACY - Responsible Fashion Summit 2019
    13 Feb 2019 12:22 pm

    Join GECA on 13 – 14 March at LEGACY Responsible Fashion Summit to discuss the business case for responsible fashion and what it takes to be a relevant retailer in the era of transparency.

    The global fashion industry is critical to economies and populations the world over. Valued at close to three trillion dollars, it supports multiple sectors and inspires generation after generation to enter its doors. The way that we produce and consume fashion, however, has scaled up over the past few decades to unsustainable levels. As the fashion industry continues to grow, so do its environmental and social impacts.

    In partnership with the Australian Fashion Council and Fashion Revolution Australia, LEGACY will explore opportunities and solutions including the circular economy, sustainable fibres, worker empowerment, legislation and new business models. GECA’s Kate Harris, for example, will be facilitating a session on navigating certifications and determining credible standards.

    According to Kate, “GECA is all about finding the truth and trust in a complex market. I’m looking forward to sharing our insights, thoughts and tips to help you be a caring consumer for GOOD.”

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